Being naked is about being free and unencumbered,
so you can be your best self.

This is why we're supporting Not For Sale (NFS), a non-profit organization
empowering rescued victims of modern-day slavery to live their lives freely.

Over 30 million women, children and men are enslaved in sex trafficking and forced labor. Even here in the U.S. We’ve joined NFS in the fight to empower survivors and people at risk. Naked will ensure the factories we use all take part in the Not For Sale Code of Conduct, which means no workers are there against their own free will. We will also help empower those who have been affected by providing funds for education, training, internships and safe housing initiatives. So they can enjoy lives of freedom and meaning.

We believe that businesses must do their part to help improve society and aim to create a better world. Not For Sale's mission is to create a world where no one is for sale and Naked is committed to helping see this mission fulfilled.

Learn more about the NFS mission and follow Naked on Twitter and Instagram as we continue to raise awareness for this great cause.